Course curriculum

  • 1

    Session 1-3

    • Where to start, choosing. your first product, assessing your industry and more

    • Developing your product, sourcing materials, cost sheet and budgeting

    • Planning your launch, wholesaling, tips for continued success

Student Testimonial


Love the designer series. I wish there was something like this when I started. I'm so grateful you are so willing to share these details. No one has ever shared anything to do with numbers. It's such a relief to know these things!

Course Breakdown

Session 1
1. Where to start? What is your product going to be?
2. Assessing industry, customers, competition
3. Niches and gaps in the market
4. What’s your secret sauce?
5. Trademarks, patents and fashion copyright
6. What is stopping you?

Session 2
1. Development – finding a sample and creating a pattern that is your own
2. Sourcing materials
3. Cost sheets and budgeting
4. Sample making process – how many samples, when is a sample finished?
5. Fit testing on a dress form and live models
6. Photography – where to find models, cameras, lenses, editing

Session 3
1. Planning your launch – when, where, online, in-person, media outreach
2. Dos and don’ts of wholesale
3. What to expect at a product launch
4. Tips for continued success


  • I am a beginner sewist, is this the right class for me?

    Yes, this is the perfect class for beginners. If you know what a bobbin is, can thread a machine, then you are equipped to take this course.

  • Is there an expiration date to the videos?

    No! There is no expiration date to the videos.

  • Is it pre-recorded? Can I watch at my own pace?

    All videos are pre-recorded, so you can watch at any time and from anywhere.